August 20th

Ciclo Imagen & Resonancia III

Works by: Blinkhorn, Brianza, Eloy, Rudel Rey, Miller, Baillet, Schoen, Oliveira, Jentzsch 

14hs - Cinema 1 Los Gallegos Shopping - Rivadavia 3050

Mar del Plata

Auditorium Los Gallegos Shopping



September 4th - 11th - 12nd


Concerts of Recorders and Electronics

Buenos Aires - Mar del Plata


With presentarion of Joan Izquierdo (Barcelona) and Saratoga Trío (Buenos Aires).

Works by :  Helm, Alvarez, Justel, Berio, Gorandi, Brnçic.





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ConcOrt futura

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22-26 August 2012

This XXth edition of the Futura will be the ocassion to a retrospective look on the history of this festival, and to observe the future of the acousmatic music. Between the master pieces that designated the festival and the new proposals of the young composers, this edition will be a renewed demonstration of the richness of this sonic art.

The program will include the prized works of the Destellos Competition 2011. See full program in

"Image & Resonance" Cycle of Sonic Art 2011

With this initiative the Foundation proposes to open a new space intended to uphold the work of contemporary sound and visual artists.            The presentations took place monthly from April till November, in the Hall of Cultural Space Los Gallegos of Mar del Plata, Argentine.

Were presented works by : Chikashi Miyama (Japan); - Federico Barabino (BsAs.,) -Ake Parmerud (Sweden)-Daniel Miraglia (Bs.As., Argentine)-Adam Stansbie (United Kingdom);-Thierry Gauthier (Canada); -Peter Stollery (United Kingdom) -Edgar Barroso (México) -Hiromi Ishii (Japan)-Wilfried Jentzsch (Germany)-Joao Pedro Oliveira (Portugal)-Gerard Gormley (Irland) -Franco Pellini (Córdoba-Argentine)- Ross Whyte (Scotland)- Maria Alejandra Hernández (México)-Jens Hedman (Sweden) --Beatriz Ferreyra (Córdoba, Argentiea)--Damián Anache (Bs.A) - -Lilienweis (Germany)--Ivan Elezovic (USA)--William Bolton (United Kingdom)--Steve Benner (United Kingdom).

Journeys "Gilles Deleuze"


During the first Journeys "Gilles Deleuze", organized by the University of Mar del Plata, was presented an Acousmatic Concert Acousmatique with works of : Jonty Harrison, Horacio Vaggione, Elsa Justel, Christian Zanési.

2nd. and 3rd. Muestras Internacionales de Música Visual y Videoarte

In collaboration with Emilio Mendoza and the Venezuelian Society of Contemporary music were projected audiovisual pieces of the media archives of the Foundation Destellos. Works by : Elainie Lillios (E.U.A.) -Thierry Gauthier (Canada)- Chikashi Miyama (Japan) - Hiromi Ishii (Japan) - Wilfried Jentzsch (Germany)- Elsa Justel (France).

Concerts and broadcasting of the Competitions Destellos :

Always with the collaboration of different international institutions, the works prized in the competitions since 2009, were diffused in :

Concerts Phonos - Barcelona - Spain

Instituto ORT - Buenos Aires

Concert Iowa School of Music

Canadian Electroacoustic Community (CEC)

and New Adventures in Sound Art (NAISA)

L' acousmatique Essieu Vienne -­ Paris -­ Bruxelles

Broadcastings :

  • VPRO Radio Netherlands - "Café Sonore" (The Netherlands) /
  • Radio Centraal Antwerpen - "SEM" (Studio voor Experimentele Muzisk)-(Belgium)/
  • Radio France Musique - (France) /
  • Undae! Radio - Radio Círculo, FM 100.4  Madrid -