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Media Library


The Foundation Destellos has a media library, of electroacoustic music and videos, comprising historical and recent works. Until now have been catalogued about 670 works of various authors that will be made ‚Äč‚Äčavailable to musicologists, teachers and students, on request. They will be attributed only for purposes of research and study, been strictly forbidden duplication, transfer and public performance of works without the express permission of the authors and / or publishers. The media library has also materials donated by Joris de Laet, comprising around 200 music works and 130 videos and film of festivals, concerts and conferences. The preparation of the catalogue will be updated periodically.

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Foundation Destellos is a non-profit organization devote to promote and develop contemporary arts in its relation with sciences and technologies. If you find that the project is interesting, you can contribute with a donation that will help to develop our activities. Thank you for your collaboration.